DisplaySkin: Exploring Pose-Aware Displays on a Flexible Electrophoretic Wristband

Jesse Burstyn, Paul Strohmeier, Roel Vertegaal

Mobile devices can provide people with contextual information. This information may benefit a primary activity, assuming it is easily accessible. In this paper, we present DisplaySkin, a pose-aware device with a flexible display circling the wrist. DisplaySkin creates a kinematic model of a user's arm and uses it to place information in view, independent of body pose. In doing so, DisplaySkin aims to minimize the cost of accessing information without being intrusive. We evaluated our pose-aware display with a rotational pointing task, which was interrupted by a notification on DisplaySkin. Results show that a pose-aware display reduces the time required to respond to notifications on the wrist.

In Proceedings of the International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (TEI '15).