Flexkit: A Rapid Prototyping Platform for Flexible Displays

David Holman, Jesse Burstyn, Ryan Brotman, Audrey Younkin, Roel Vertegaal

Commercially available development platforms for flexible displays are not designed for rapid prototyping. To create a deformable interface, one that uses a functional flexible display, designers must be familiar with embedded hardware systems and corresponding programming. We introduce Flexkit, a platform that allows designers to rapidly prototype deformable applications. With Flexkit, designers can rapidly prototype using a thin-film electrophoretic display (E Ink), one that is "Plug and Play". To demonstrate Flexkit's ease-of-use, we present its application in PaperTab's design iteration as a case study. We further discuss how dithering can be used to increase the frame rate of E Ink displays from 1fps to 5fps.

In Proceedings of the adjunct publication of the 26th annual ACM symposium adjunct on User interface software and technology (UIST '13 Adjunct).